The Ekenler family has been landowners in Tarsus, Cukurova area for more than 300 years. Hunting is a family tradition, proudly passed from father to son and finally to us. We have always had a passion for the wild. This has been supported by our father who took us with him to many hunts all over the world. We owned our first bird dogs at a very young age. With some of the world’s finest shooting on our doorstep, we have naturally concentrated on big game hunting.

Our family has controlled the shooting in large areas of the Taurus Mountains for generations. We therefore operate as a private family hunting concern, rather than an agent buying from different concessions all over the region.

As a result, we have controlled, conserved and developed our areas in a manner that we believe to be unique in our region, and maybe even in the whole country.

This approach is key to our way of maintaining the highest standards in everything we do.

Anatolian wild boar is the most common big game in our mountains and the most popular hunt for us; as a result we decided

to specialize on wild boars. We have been organizing and carrying out hunts for our guests, witha very experienced and trained team for over 20 years. We have also been living this dream of ethical, sporting hunting,  conserving both the game and our wonderful natural environment, for ourselves, our clients and our guests, now and in the future.

Anatolian Bezoar Ibex is also a very popular big game in our mountains and a very challenging and special hunt for us. We have managed to protect and control the game by careful selective shooting and are proud to say that we have some of Turkey’s finest Ibex shooting – with trophies that most can only dream about.

Our extensive worldwide hunting experience, with many different outfitters, means that we see the trip from a client’s eyes, which we think is vital. We do not over promise, over sell or over shoot. Our family reputation is far too important for that. This experience, applied to the management of our home estates, equips us to provide you with the hunting trip of a lifetime.

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Kürşat has an agricultures degree from the Royal Agricultural College of Cirencester. Kürşat has been hunting since a very early age and has travelled some parts of the World to hunt with his father and Kürşat very much enjoys mountain hunting and stalking hunts.

Kürşat and Temir have founded WildHunting together and Kürşat is the director of WildHunting and is in charge of all hunting operations. Kürşat acts as a team leader and professional guide during most of the season especially on demanding hunts.

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Temir has a Business-Economics degree from the University of Exeter. Temir is the manager in charge of all day to day business affairs of the company. Temir is responsible for all international relations and client/customer reservations and bookings. Temir also loves hunting and passionately hunts on his free times.

Temir is a very good hunting guide and companion and although he guides on a few hunts during the year the trophies his clients harvest are of exceptional quality.